When it comes to protecting your property from the potentially devastating impact of crime you can't afford to take any chances.
The correct choice of security protection and service provider is vital. Armed Systems can provide you with a range of professionally installed security systems that meet your specific needs. Using only the highest quality equipment Armed Systems'
professional male and femail engineers will install security systems that are easy to use and meet all the requirements of British and European Standards.

At Armed Systems we install burglar alarms, CCTV  and access control in domestic properties ranging in size from a one bedroom flat up to a large stately home, or a small commercial office to a several thousand square foot factory, treating every security installation with the same care and attention.




Systems range from audible only, where upon an alarm activation internal and external sounders ring. Automated dialers that notify you in the event of a security situation, to fully monitored systems such as BT Redcare or CSL Dualcom. Monitored systems send signals to an alarm receiving centre who can filter calls and dispatch the local police.

CCTV systems serve two primary purposes, firstly to act as a deterrent and secondly to be capable of providing quality evidential footage.

Increasingly CCTV camera footage is being used in new and innovative ways, such as a marketing tool to show live views from a hotel, or manufacturing processes taking place, to wireless baby monitoring.

Sometimes it is nesessary to restrict access into properties such as schools or multiple occupancy buildings. Or perhaps you need to to ensure that employees only enter your premises during working hours. Our systems enable you to control access to your home or business through intercoms, digital keypads, tag readers and swipe cards. 

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